3 Tips for Gifting Jewelry

Jewelry often makes a great gift for birthdays, graduation and anniversaries for women of all ages. However, jewelry is such a personal item that it can be tricky gift to give someone you may not know well, but even trickier when you do know them. Here are three tips for giving gifts like coral jewelry to the women in your life.

Analyze the Recipient

When trying to determine what type of jewelry to buy your wife, daughter or mother, consider their likes and dislikes. If you’re not sure what they are, step back and observe them. If your wife or daughter dresses more bohemian, then they will probably appreciate jewelry with natural elements than flashy gems. If your mother likes going to plays or concerts, then she may appreciate getting jewelry she can wear when she goes out for the evening.

Match Jewelry Styles

Be sneaky and look in her jewelry box or check out the items she wears every day. You will be able to determine whether she wears white or yellow gold, or gold plated, jewelry. Also, look to see if she wears metal rings or rings with jewels because someone who only wears bare metal rings or necklaces may not like jewels.

Consider Occupation

It is also important to consider what your wife, mother or daughter does for a living when buying jewelry. If she works with her hands, then purchasing rings which stick out can be hazardous for her, as can wearing necklaces or dangling earrings if she works around moving machinery. In addition, for healthcare workers, wearing jewelry may be discouraged depending the department in which they work.

If you’re observant and notice her style options and the jewelry she owns, you should be able to find jewelry to match the tastes of the woman you’re buying it for.